U.S. President Barack Obama resisted pressure on Friday to abandon plans for air strikes against Syria and failed to enlisted the support of most of the leaders at the summit for his military aggression against Syria.

He persuaded nine other G20 nations plus Spain to join the United States in signing a statement calling for a strong international response, although it fell short of supporting military strikes, underscoring the deep disagreements and strong opposition to any military strike that dominated the summit.

Those who signed up to the call for a strong international response were the leaders or other representatives of Australia, Canada France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Britain and the United States.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the only European leader at the summit who did not sign the statement.

But there was no joint statement on Syria despite a 20-minute one-on-one talk between Obama and Putin on the sidelines of the summit on Friday, following a tense group discussion on the civil war over dinner late on Thursday.

“We hear one another, and understand the arguments but we don’t agree. I don’t agree with his arguments, he doesn’t agree with mine,” Putin told a closing news conference dominated by questions about Syria.

Putin said Washington had not provided convincing proof that Assad’s troops carried out the attack and called it a “provocation” by rebel forces hoping to encourage a military response by the United States.

Chinese President Xi Jinping tried to dissuade Obama from military action during talks on Friday, telling him that Beijing expected countries to think twice before acting. U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned against military action that did not have the approval of the U.N. Security Council.

The biggest loser in the G-20 Summit was the US President Obama,the whole world saw a warmongering Obama who is bent on trampling international laws to promote a Zionist agenda.

President Obama accused Syria of been a ‘rogue state’ but that nomenclature is more fitting to that nation that had freely used chemical,biological and nuclear weapons against civilians in its past wars.

How many nations had Syria invaded or attacked or even threatened to attack and how many nations had the US invaded and attacked?

By answering these silent questions it will be clear which nation is a rogue state between the two.

The biggest winner in the G-20 Summit is Vladimir Putin-the President of Syria- and the rest of humanity.Humanity had resisted the senseless warmongering posture of President Obama.

Syria is locked in battle against Western-backed terrorist who have no iota of respect for the sacredness of human lives.They are a ruthless barbarian hoards who display the served-head of their enemies as a trophy of victory at this age of development and science.

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