Fazail e Ahlulbait A.s.: Trials begin with Imams and then with Shiahs

Trials begin with Imams and then with ShiahsHe said: Abu Bakr, Muhammad b. Umar al-Jeabi reported to me from Abu Al-Abbas Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Saeed b. Ibn Uqdah, who reported from Jafar b. Abdullah, who reported form Sadaan b. Saeed, who reported from Sufyan b. Ibrahim al- Ghamidy al-Qadhi, who said:I heard Jafar b. Muhammad, peace be upon him say: \”Tests and trials begin with us and then with you, and the times of ease begin with us and then with you. And by the oath of Him where oath is usually taken, Allah will triumph through you the way He triumphed through the stones of clay.\” Refer to Surah al-Fil.Ref Al Amali Shaikh MufeedThe Thirty Sixth Assembly Hadees No.2

via Fazail e Ahlulbait A.s.: Trials begin with Imams and then with Shiahs.

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